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Who we are

GA Mouldings is your key to exterior architectural detailed mouldings.

For over 22 years we have been providing leading architects, custom builders, stucco applicators and designers throughout North America, Europe and the Caribbean with custom moulding solutions. GA Mouldings offers cutting edge CNC technology that enables us to produce a superior product of the highest standards with the capability to reproduce exact tolerances on every piece of moulding we design and manufacture.

We not only produce a superior product, we offer a customized service.

Offering one piece arches, elliptical mouldings, which will save you hours of installation time and a better end result. Always striving to be innovative, GA Mouldings is constantly upgrading our library of profiles and designs so if you can't find it we will make it for you!

CNC Technology • Columns • Mouldings • Custom Profiles • Design • Modifications •Durabel Cement Coating • Performance • Quality

Why Choose Us?

We offer a wide variety of products which include: one piece elliptical, curved, mouldings, one piece columns, capitals, bands, corbels, crowns, banding, sills, keystones and always welcoming custom one of pieces or let us design something to suit your design project..

All GA mouldings can be customized or modified to suit any application.

In business for over 30 years!

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